Myka: Okay, some girls took fencing lesson right? And read books and studied and became Secret Service agents. And-and that you there is…that is not me. 
Pete: Why not?
Myka: Um…’cause you know, I’m not the pretty one. 
Pete: Who’s the pretty one?
Myka: My sister.
Pete: Ah, Tracy.
Myka: Yeah, she’s the cheerleader and the Homecoming Queen. You know she was the one that all the boys were crazy about. She could do this. 


Anonymous asked:

I think most of us are upset and booing because this is really heteronormative, with a side of sexism via the baby thing (because nothing Myka has ever done or will ever do can compare to doing what everyone with a vagina is expected to do). We want representation, to see ourselves on tv for a change. Please be sympathetic.

ectolime answered:

Yeah, I understand that. I’d love for there to be representation on TV as well. 

But Pyka has been my otp since 2009 please understand that.

I’m not gonna fight about this when your ship takes up 90% of the tag and made me feel unwelcome in the fandom in the first place. You have so much content for Bering and Wells let me have this Pyka moment.

Take it out on the creators of WH13 if you’re that upset. Don’t take it out on fans who are having a good time celebrating a ship you don’t ship and trying to guilt trip them.